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Slow release brown coal-urea fertiliser for improving crop yield, nitrogen use efficiency and soil health

posted on 2018-04-18, 23:49 authored by BIPLOB KUMAR SAHA
Synthetic nitrogen (N) fertilisers, such as urea, are susceptible to rapid dissipation from soil. More gradual release of mineral N from fertiliser may reduce the off-site movement of mineral N, thereby enhancing N supply to crops and minimising negative off-site impacts. In this thesis, novel slow release fertilisers were formed by blending brown coal (BC) with urea which delayed fertiliser N release through strong retention facilitated by the extensive surface area, porous structure and chemical functional groups in the BC. Granulation of urea with BC substantially increased fertiliser-N availability to crop plants by decreasing gaseous and leaching losses which facilitated better crop growth and increased biomass and economic yield.


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