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Silence and Power in the North-West Mallee, 1830-1970: Aboriginal ‘Voice’ in Robinvale

posted on 2020-05-24, 22:57 authored by MARIA PANAGOPOULOS
This thesis focuses on the small township of Robinvale in the north-west Mallee region of Victoria, the location of a significant Aboriginal community. An oral history project, the aim was to provide the opportunity to members of that community to share their recollections and experiences about subjects, past and present, to help fill a void in knowledge about the cultural heritage of the locality, and contemporary Aboriginal community. This thesis celebrates the Aboriginal community by illustrating their courage and connections to country, and constructs an alternate cultural history of Robinvale and surrounds, as told from an Indigenous perspective.


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Mark Gibson

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School of Media, Film and Journalism


Doctor of Philosophy (Journalism)

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