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Semitransparent and back-contact perovskite solar cells for the application in tandem solar cells

posted on 2019-04-18, 07:14 authored by QICHENG HOU
Solar cells for electricity generation have been widely applied. However, most solar cells can only harvest a proportion of energy from the sunlight due to the light absorbing materials in the solar cells. Stacking solar cells that absorb different proportions of sunlight to make a tandem cell can harvest more energy from sunlight. In this thesis, solar cells using perovskites as the light absorbing materials have been developed for the application in tandem cells, e.g. perovskite/silicon tandem cells. Specifically, semitransparent perovskite solar cells employing transparent electrodes and back-contact perovskite solar cells have been developed as the solutions to problems involved in tandem cell application.


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