Saudi Arabian Teachers' Uses of ICTs in Science Classrooms

2017-07-09T23:15:28Z (GMT) by ALI HASSAN S NAJMI
Schemes for education reform were initiated in Saudi Arabia. These Schemes involved importation of science curricula and information and communication technology (ICT) integration in education. The imported science curricula require teachers to adopt student-centred approaches and to use ICT. This study explored the Saudi Arabian science teachers use of ICT. The study showed that the Saudi Arabian science teachers use of ICT was tokenistic and limited. Teachers mainly used ICT as a tool to deliver and supplement the content. However, few teachers were able to make effective use of ICT by using ICT to engage the student in the learning process. Based on these teachers a model for effective use of ICT was suggested. This study revealed that many factors affect teachers use of ICT and adoption of student-centred pedagogies. These factors include macro-level, meso-level and micro-level factors.



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