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Role of Polymer-Based Membranes and Porous Interlayers for Lithium Sulfur Batteries

posted on 2021-05-12, 22:44 authored by AREEB SHEHZAD
Improved batteries are the centrepiece to enabling continuous usage of electricity derived from intermittent sources. New battery chemistries such as Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) systems are attractive due to their potential 10-fold increase in gravimetric capacity when compared to existing Lithium-ion technology, but suffer from a lack of cycling stability, in part due to incomplete reduction of sulfur, and polysulphides consequently blocking pores of separator. In this dissertation, we explored polymer-based separators with anti-aging effect and functionalized porous interlayers to encapsulated and retard these polysulfide species. The outcome of this dissertation opens up a new avenue to develop novel membrane based platform for responsive membranes in battery technology development.


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