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Rethinking the paradigm of race: Perspectives from the ground

posted on 01.03.2019, 01:39 by CHANG XIAO JING SOPHIE CHANDRA
In Singapore, the term “racism” remains largely unspoken in official discourses. The nation's heavy dependence on race-based policies demonstrates an underlying control of the government over Singapore’s nationalistic ideologies. Structures of dominance and inequality consequentially emerge in Singapore’s hierarchically organised racial categories, leading to the perpetuation of problematic social stigmas and racialised everyday practices. This has opened a new window into the dimension of racism. Through semi-structured interviews, I aim to explore the increasing issues of racism in Singaporean society by examining how the politicisation of race has impacted the views and attitudes of Singaporeans.


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Helen Margaret Forbes-mewett

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Dr. Max Richter

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School of Social Sciences (Monash Australia)


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