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Responsible Consumption Behaviour: A Framework for Acquisition of Computers

posted on 09.07.2017, 22:51 by WEE HONG LOO
The study examined factors affecting Malaysian consumers’ Responsible Acquisition of Computer Behaviour (RACB) as such behaviour can reduce the environmental problems attributed to computer lifecycle. A model was developed based on Theory of Planned Behaviour and Value Belief Norm with a habit construct and tested using quantitative questionnaire survey method. The results revealed that self-interest factors (Subjective Norms and Intention) are more important in explaining RACB as compared to morality factor (Personal Norms). Additionally, age and income moderate some of the constructs’ relationships. The study developed a parsimonious RACB adoption model and provided recommendations to increase adoption of RACB.


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Paul Yeow

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School of Business and Economics (Monash University Malaysia)


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Faculty of Business and Economics