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Relaxin Family Peptide Receptor 4 (RXFP4) and its Ligand Insulin-like Peptide 5 (INSL5): Signalling Pathways and Physiological Roles

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posted on 2017-11-02, 01:51 authored by SHENG YU ANG
RXFP4 is recognised as the cognate G protein-coupled receptor for INSL5 although little is known about its signal transduction pathways and biological roles. This thesis investigates the signalling pathways activated by RXFP4 in a recombinant cell culture system and also identifies tissues and cell lines that endogenously express RXFP4, with subsequent evaluation of its endogenous signalling profile and possible physiological roles.


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Martina Kocan

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Roger J Summers

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Bronwyn A Evans

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Dana S Hutchinson

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Sabatino Ventura

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Drug Discovery Biology


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences