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Recrystallisation Mechanisms of Goethite and Implications for Metal Mobility in Laterite Deposits

posted on 06.12.2021, 06:00 by SCARLETT CATHERINE SOUTHALL
Mining and processing of critical metals creates deleterious carbon emissions and acidic waste. However, these metals are necessary to build renewable energy technologies. This thesis investigates environmentally-friendly solutions to traditional mining techniques for extracting nickel and cobalt from ore deposits known as laterites. In laterite deposits, the metals are held in iron-rich minerals named goethite. The unique properties of goethite and its ability to exchange atoms between solids and fluids are tested and exploited. Findings from this thesis show that metal release can successfully occur under low-energy and acid-free conditions.


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Andrew Frierdich

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Steven Micklethwaite

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Earth, Atmosphere and Environment


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