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Quantitative assessment of hip shape in 3D MRI for hip osteoarthritis research

posted on 2017-02-17, 00:19 authored by Pun, Long
Osteoarthritis (OA) in the hip joint is a significant health problem in the world, causing pain and disability especially in the elderly. Recent research has shown that the morphology of the hip has a significant role in its development and progression. However, a limitation of previous studies is that they have only analysed 2D projections of hip on medical images, so important features could be left unseen. We argue that a 3D Model of hip joint would reveal a more complete picture of the morphological deformations. In this thesis, we build and analyse a 3D Model of the proximal femur with statistical shape analysis, and locate the areas where deformations occur. In addition, a novel method of analysis is introduced to facilitate convenient comparison with future studies. While our results in general agree with results from previous 2-Dimensional studies, new areas of abnormity have been identified. Specifically these are a deeper intertrochanteric crest and deformation surrounding the greater trochanter in those with hip OA compared to those without. This thesis demonstrates the power of 3D statistical shape analysis in medical image analysis and paves the way for better understanding the cause(s) and pathogenesis of hip osteoarthritis.


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