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Quantifying Energy Transfer in Quantum Dot: Dye Hybrid Nanoassemblies

posted on 26.01.2021, 22:30 by ALI AMEEN ABD ALI
Energy transfer in quantum dot (QD): Dye systems have been primarily investigated in the literature and are crucial particularly for light-harvesting applications. Herein, energy transfer was investigated and quantified in various QD: Dye hybrids. The quantification of energy transfer was achieved at two different levels, namely, ensemble and single nanoassembly levels. The latter allowed intrinsic rate constants and efficiencies of energy transfer from a single QD to a single dye to be determined. Moreover, quantifying the energy transfer from QD: Dye ensemble at different QD ligand passivation degrees, and various separation distances from the dye acceptor.


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Toby Bell

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