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Proximity: representations of fragile space through hapticity and vision

posted on 08.02.2017, 05:11 by Garrett, Stephen Francis
This research paper investigates the phenomenology of touch and its relationship to my sculptural practice. My studio research has been engaged in site-responsive interventions developed as a series of ephemeral artworks. Core to this is the relationship between vision and touch. My paper charts the evolution of this and how I consider these factors when making art. My process stems from my engagement with the notion of hapticity-how we understand the tactile experience of space and place through sensory perception- and of how I see, the condition of a tactile gaze as analogous to perception. My studio research, the creation of temporary propositions for sculptural activity, has been a personal pursuit in an attempt to understand both the intervention within architectural parameters and to uncover my personal motivations for why I create the work that I do. This activity allows me to contemplate my place within that space and the outcome as a locative device. The thesis charts the evolution of my process into site­ responsiveness and engagement, where my interventions produce a meditative space in which to create. These interventions act as spatial engagement with site and body, explored through a number of strategies, such as: mapping, mensuration, casting, drawing and video. The document is divided in two sections: Part One contains the written exegesis, which provides a conceptual explication through some of the visual research, while Part Two contains the body of my visual research.


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