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Process modelling and optimization for sustainable heat recovery chilled water network synthesis

posted on 2020-06-01, 01:52 authored by WAI MUN CHAN
The refrigeration sectors account for 17% of the global electricity consumption, the recovery of waste heat for chilled water generation using thermal-driven refrigeration system (TRS) will introduce significant reduction on the electricity consumption. However, various cost and technical issues are known to exist during the integration of TRS into the industrial process network. These challenges consist of capital constraints, difficulty in heat source selection, intermittent waste heat supply, and process fluctuations due to uncertainties. This thesis focused on the use of process modelling and optimization tools to improve the feasibility of heat recovery chilled water network synthesis and implementation.


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Irene Mei Leng Chew

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Leong Yik Teeng

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Foo Ji Jinn

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


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Faculty of Engineering