Prefabricated modular beam-to-hybrid ‎columns connections under quasi-static ‎loading

2018-06-13T07:36:41Z (GMT) by SEYED NIMA SADEGHI
Several factors determine safety and reliability of steel structures. Structural connections ‎are one of the crucial components, playing an essential role in this regard. With the higher ‎capacity of present-day structural members, namely hybrid fabricated columns, it is ‎imperative to design connections capable of taking advantage of this opportunity. The ‎proposed modular pre-fabricated connection, which is investigated in this research, is ‎shown to be a practical choice for filling this gap. The moment and rotation capacity of this ‎innovative connection allows its use in various moment-resisting frames. It can minimise on-site welding, ‎and increase the construction speed, and quality.‎