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Prediction Modelling for Risk-Stratified Care in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

posted on 2021-08-23, 04:21 authored by SHAMIL DESHAN COORAY
Gestational diabetes mellitus is a condition characterised by high blood glucose levels during pregnancy. It is important because it is associated with an increased risk of pregnancy complications; hence treatment is required to reduce this risk. However, not all women with this condition are affected equally. This thesis develops a clinical prediction model to calculate the risk that an individual woman with gestational diabetes mellitus will experience a pregnancy complication. It then explores how this information could be used to offer more personalised treatment for women with this condition.


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Helena Jane Teede

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Jacqueline Boyle

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Georgia Soldatos

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Public Health and Preventive Medicine

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences