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Precise Structural Engineering and Finely-Tunable Properties of Two Dimensional Plasmonic Nanoparticle Assemblies

posted on 04.04.2018, 22:44 by QIANQIAN SHI
This thesis introduces three model systems to precisely engineer the structure and finely tune properties of 2D plasmonic nanoassemblies. The first one demonstrated a new system with “one particle building blocks, different particle arrangements”; the second system showed nanoassemblies with “one original nanosheet, different generations of transformed nanosheets”; the last system represented “one system, different kinds of building blocks”. These systems allow us to have a better understanding of the structure and plasmonic properties relationship of nanoparticles, show us the possibility of manipulating building blocks in a precise manner, and introduce additional novel properties into 2D plasmonic systems.


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Wenlong Cheng

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Malin Premaratne

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Chemical Engineering


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Faculty of Engineering

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