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Practice Based Optimisation of Bus-Train Timetable Coordination

posted on 30.07.2021, 06:52 by REJITHA NATH RAVINDRA
Undesirable wait times imposed on passengers transferring between buses and trains is a major disincentive to the use of public transport. While passengers desire frequent services, transit operators aim to minimise vehicle costs. This research investigates the simultaneous optimisation of bus-train timetable coordination and vehicle cost efficiency using constraint-based optimisation techniques. Decomposed and integrated modelling and solving approaches are presented to solve these conflicting objectives. Written and solved entirely in MiniZinc, the models demonstrate network-wide timetables and vehicle schedules that are well-coordinated and cost efficient. Findings also suggest that incorporating some flexibility to operational constraints is critical for well-coordinated timetables.


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Mark Wallace

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Graham Currie

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Daniel Harabor

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Ilankaikone Senthooran

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Chris Loader

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Caulfield School of IT

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Public Transport Research Group, SEPT-GRIP


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