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Polymer modified ion exchange adsorbent for the flow-through chromatography of hepatitis B virus-like particle

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posted on 2018-04-15, 23:55 authored by HON WEI NG
Size selective flow-through chromatography (FC) was employed to adsorb impurities i.e. host cell proteins while large hepatitis B core antigen virus like particles (HB-VLPs) are recovered in the flow-through fraction. An inert polymer was grafted on adsorbents to improve the performance. The effect of feedstock conditions (size of target protein and protein load) and adsorbent design (adsorbent size, type of polymer chain and POEGMA architecture) on the performance of FC were investigated. Large size of HB-VLPs limits the protein load to 7 mg/ml, while optimal adsorbent design improved flow-through recovery by 5% compared to previous studies.


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