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Placemaking and Streetscape Design: Exploring the Impacts of Tram Network Modernisation on Subjective Perception of Place Quality

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posted on 10.11.2020, 02:08 by MATTHEW JAMES DIEMER
This thesis uses Melbourne’s tram network modernisation program as a case study to identify and explore potential impacts of sustainable transport infrastructure on subjective perception of place quality. Based on a review of existing published research and practice-based assessment tools, a questionnaire was developed and administered to gauge individual opinions on the importance and performance of 41 place quality performance indicators at 24 sites across Melbourne’s tram network. Analysis of the questionnaire results leads to an overall conclusion that tram modernisation tends to improve perception of streetscape place quality, particularly with regard to the performance of design-based indicators.


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Graham Victor Currie

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Chris De Gruyter

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Liton Kamruzzaman

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Ian Hopkins

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Civil Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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