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Palliative Care for homeless persons: A Discourse-Historical Approach.

posted on 2018-07-26, 22:42 authored by KATRINA MARY RECOCHE
Homelessness is an increasing issue in contemporary Australia. Homeless persons experience increased incidences of illness and injury and die earlier than other Australians, yet access health services, including palliative and end of life care less. Government, palliative care and homelessness peak body and organisational documents; interview transcripts; and research reflection were critically analysed. Differences in language and worldviews between homelessness and palliative care sectors had an impact on service access and care delivery for homeless persons with palliative care needs. and funding models made sharing care challenging. Recommendations include direct engagement of homeless persons with palliative care needs in the development of shared models of care, funding flexibility and education of the workforces.


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