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Oncogenic dependency on STAT3 serine phosphorylation in Kras mutant lung cancer and cachexia

posted on 21.05.2019, 02:36 by SULTAN MOHAMMED A ALHAYYANI
Lung adenocarcinoma (LAC) is the most common (~40%) form of lung cancer, LAC is strongly associated with chronic lung inflammation triggered by cigarette smoking, and one of the most established disease-associated consequences of the genotoxic effects of cigarette-derived carcinogens is activating mutations in the Kras proto-oncogene. STAT3 has been shown to promote tumourigenesis. Therefore, we hypothesise that serine phosphorylation of STAT3 is a key event in the molecular pathogenesis of Kras-induced LAC. We discovered that STAT3 serine phosphorylation is required for both nuclear and mitochondrial function of STAT3 in Kras-induced LAC.


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Brendan Jenkins

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Molecular and Translational Sciences


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Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences

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