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On the Presence of Human Values in Software Development Artefacts: An Evaluation of GitHub’s Issue

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posted on 03.08.2022, 00:17 authored by ARIF NURWIDYANTORO

As software becomes ubiquitous and integrated into our lives, software that violates human values, such as social injustice or privacy breaches, struggles to receive users' acceptance and becomes an object of public scrutiny. This research aims to support the consideration of human values by investigating the presence of values in issue discussions as an artefact that captures software development phases. Moreover, this study developed automated human values detection approaches to reduce the efforts of manual analysis. Finally, this study proposed and developed a human values dashboard to support software practitioners to consider human values during software development.


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Jon Whittle

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Waqar Hussain

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Mojtaba Shahin

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Michel Chaudron

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Software Systems & Cybersecurity


Doctor of Philosophy


Faculty of Information Technology