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Older drivers: Community, media and driver perceptions of competence

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posted on 09.10.2021, 04:33 by JANET MARGARET HARKIN
This PhD research project explores the lived experience of older drivers to provide insights into practices in lifestyle journalism. Its outputs include the non-fiction book Older Drivers: Mobility, Ageing and Fitness to Drive and an exegesis. The book contributes to community awareness of safe driving as people age, employing narrative techniques to integrate the drivers' stories with scientific literature on road safety and ageing. The exegesis contextualises the research undertaken in the book's production. It includes analysis of Australian newspaper representations of older drivers, using discourse and content analysis, focusing specifically on issues related to ageing and driving.


Principal supervisor

Judith Charlton

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School of Media, Film and Journalism


Doctor of Philosophy (Journalism)

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Faculty of Arts