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Oil Shale Conversion to Transport Fuels

posted on 2019-06-25, 04:43 authored by JAMEEL SULIEMAN JAMEEL ALJARIRI ALHESAN
This work concentrates on the use of two marine shales, El-Lajjun (Jordan) and Julia Creek (Australia), as transport fuels. To achieve the aim of this project, oil shale organic matter (kerogen) was separated by HCl-HF, the conventional method, and the less hazardous NaOH-HCl. The chemical composition and reactivity for the two kerogens were intensively studied and compared. Shale oil was extracted from El-Lajjun deposit using long-time, low-temperature pyrolysis and the oil yields and characteristics were investigated. The shale oil extracted was then subjected to hydrodesulphurization process using NoMo-Al-SBA-15 in order to remove the sulphur which is hazardous for the environment.


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