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Objects of Femininity

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posted on 31.08.2020, 02:36 by Sandra O'Dea
This research documentation has been a response to a studio investigation of feminine sculptural forms that I have produced in the shape of empty dress, garment and gutted female hung torsos. I have produced a body of work that is intrinsically tied to my own feminine construction within contemporary society. During this documentation, I look at the discourses within society that have and continue to shape the feminine. I have discovered that despite many years of feminism women continue to judge themselves by an internalised perspective that has been shaped by and for the male gaze.
My documentation aims to show that by reflecting upon the theories of post structural feminism I have been able to establish a strong feminine voice. This voice expresses itself through semiotic forms and installation sculpture. My primary focus has been to question why I make what I make, and what universal purpose my works serve. I have made (Seventy-Two Virgins) in paradise from tissue paper and pressed white plastic. I present these in a lyrical installation space that will speak of the dogma and powerful myths that have shaped patriarchal society.


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