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Nursing home team-care deprescribing study: A novel approach to old age polypharmacy

posted on 2019-08-08, 04:26 authored by CHONG HAN KUA
Deprescribing is a process to reduce the harm of polypharmacy in older adults. Polypharmacy has been associated with an increased risk of death, thus it is necessary to investigate and address this issue, and improve the process of deprescribing. However, its implementation is often challenging and prospective outcome data lacking in nursing homes. This thesis aims to investigate the effectiveness of a deprescribing intervention, as well as to understand the human factors surrounding the deprescribing process. It highlights the complex relationship between health professionals and patients with the deprescribing process, as well as offer a strategy to improve deprescribing outcomes.


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Shaun Lee Wen Huey

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Vivienne Mak

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Vanassa Ratnasingam

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School of Pharmacy (Malaysia)


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Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences