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Novel Time Division Duplex Schemes

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posted on 2024-01-03, 01:59 authored by MOJTABA GHERMEZCHESHMEH
This study investigates the benefits of time division duplex (TDD) and intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRSs) in next-generation wireless communication systems. The first part focuses on combining centralized dynamic-TDD with interference alignment (IA) to optimize performance in a wireless network. The proposed scheme achieves significant gains over existing methods. The second part addresses channel estimation in holographic massive MIMO systems, proposing a channel estimation scheme that outperforms benchmark methods in a poor scattering environment. Lastly, the study proposes a localization scheme utilizing multiple intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRSs) and a parametric physical channel model, demonstrating accurate localization in a challenging environment.


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Nikola Zlatanov

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Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Engineering