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Non-medical use of cognitive enhancing medicines in the academic setting

posted on 2021-04-12, 02:36 authored by Sanya Ram
Prescription stimulants are increasingly used worldwide, beyond their indications by healthy individuals without medical need, to augment performance in academic settings. This research explored the prevalence and motivation for the use of cognitive enhancers (CEs) by students in a tertiary academic setting. It investigated the factors that influence the decision to use CEs. The attitudes of professionals towards the use of CEs, the frequency of requests, and the prescriber’s willingness to prescribe CEs were also examined. This research provides insight into the discourse necessary for the development of policy and guidelines that are congruent among tertiary institutions and professions.


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Carl Kirkpatrick

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Safeera Hussainy

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Marcus Henning

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Kay Stewart

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Bruce Russell

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Centre for Medicine Use and Safety (CMUS)


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