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No-one Left Behind: Incorporating Community Voice in Project Commissioning for International Development

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posted on 2023-01-16, 01:52 authored by Manika Saha
International development and HCI practitioners recognize the importance of hearing from those who are disadvantaged in decision-making. However, the voices of marginalized communities for whom development interventions are intended remain little heard. This research investigates how to incorporate community voice (CV) into project commissioning. It demonstrates a holistic understanding of top-level decision-making processes and how to meaningfully capture CV, including informed consent, for project development. It critically conceptualizes CV and outlines its benefits through a framework for effective and sustainable project development. More broadly, it extends our understanding of incorporating CV in project, program, and policy decision-making for international development.


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Patrick Olivier

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Tom Bartindale

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Gillian Oliver

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Shakuntala Haraksingh Thislted

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Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed

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Human Centred Computing

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