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New frontiers in the synthesis and structures of rare earth metal-organic complexes

posted on 2019-02-05, 21:33 authored by Zhifang Guo
This thesis develops three new synthetic routes for highly reactive lanthanoid metal-organic complexes, including synthesis of lanthanoid metal-organic complexes I) by redox transmetallation protolysis (RTP) reactions of Ln metals utilising pentafluorophenylsilver; II) by RTP reactions of Ln metals utilising trispentafluorophenylbismuth; III) by the direct reaction of Ln metals with iodine and a proligand. Below is an overview of each chapter of original research (chapter 2 to 5). A number of lanthanoid pyrazolates and formamidinates were obtained by the new methods and their structures were determined.


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Glen Berenger Deacon

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Science

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