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Nanocomposite Materials for Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Glucose

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posted on 2017-06-19, 02:27 authored by MAHAMARAKKALAGE CHRISHANI DILUSHA COORAY
The design and development of new nanocomposites for electrocatalysis are in demand, as they make the electrode reactions energy and time efficient. In this study, our main focus was to design, develop and fabricate electrocatalytic electrodes for glucose oxidation. Glucose is an inexpensive and abundant substrate that can be employed as a model system to develop novel electrocatalytic nanocomposites. Electrocatalytic glucose oxidation can lead to two major applications, sensors and fuel cells which are equally important electrochemical devices. This thesis discusses four successfully synthesised nanocomposites that were used in the fabrication of electrocatalytic electrodes for glucose oxidation using enzymatic and non-enzymatic catalyst.


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Jie Zhang

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Steven J. Langford

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Alan Bond

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