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Moments of the everyday: opening to the possibility of making

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posted on 17.02.2017, 01:50 authored by Stewart, Jeffrey Alexander
This thesis begins with the violent and revolutionary shock of Walter Benjamin’s messianic moment, which is discussed as kairos, or ‘now time,’ through the work of Isaac Luria Ashkenazi, Franz Rosenzweig and Paul Tillich, after which the caress is turned to, helping reveal the wonder of the everyday. Concentrating on the dinner table and the home these revealed now tender moments are presented as narrative sketches, performances and discussions with performers that begin to show the place and possibility of making a work of art. The gradual saying of these moments, which become also a letting be, calls for attention revealing the importance of thankfulness, of leaving and returning home, and of silence as a place from which begin to think making. Benjamin’s ‘now time’ is said, and in the saying a slight, yet radical shift has occurred, each moment introducing gentleness to discourse and the possibility of making.


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Stuart Grant

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Peter Snow

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