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Molecular investigations of CBE1 (ciliated bronchial epithelium 1) and its potential role in spermatogenesis

posted on 2018-11-19, 03:31 authored by CHRISTIANE PLEUGER
Modifications of the cytoskeleton play an important role for male germ cell differentiation (spermatogenesis). In this study, a potential correlation of the expression of CBE1 to male germ cell differentiation and fertility was investigated in mice and men. As CBE1 was largely unknown, additional investigations in regards to the molecular function were performed. CBE1 was shown to play a potential role in cytoskeletal organisation and transport mechanisms, cytokinesis and cellular metabolism.


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Moira Kathleen O'Bryan

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Biological Sciences


Doctor of Philosophy (Joint PhD with Justus Liebig University Giessen - International)

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Faculty of Science