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Molecular Architectures Tuned by Non-Covalent Interactions for the Study and Development of Functional Materials

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posted on 15.07.2021, 05:12 authored by Abhishek Singh
The work shown in the thesis attempts to understand the conformational and redox space of biomolecules and work towards the development of bio-inspired materials. The goal was achieved by developing new chemistries to unveil the structure-function relationships of biological systems using their simple synthetic substitutes. Experimental investigations in conjunction with computational tools helped us to unveil the structure-property map of melanin-based catecholamine bio-polymers and provided the framework to develop thin-film coatings that resulted in ultra-smooth surface chemistries. The findings reported here will be important in view of the putative link between melanin-related disorders such as skin cancer and are expected to contribute towards the development of melanin-like artificial materials.


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Ekaterina Pas

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Naresh Patwari

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School of Chemistry


Doctor of Philosophy (IITB-Monash)

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