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Microstructures and mechanical behaviours of biodegradable Zn-Mg alloys

posted on 2022-02-16, 22:13 authored by CHENGCHENG WU
This project aims to investigate the texture evolution and the effect of grain size and texture on tensile and compressive behaviours of extruded Zn-0.4wt.%Mg samples, and to characterise microstructure and texture evolutions of extruded Zn-0.4wt.%Mg and Zn-0.5wt.%Mg samples during the compression process by a quasi-in-situ EBSD technique. Moreover, creep and stress-corrosion behaviours of extruded Zn-0.4wt.%Mg samples that have different initial microstructures are examined at the human body temperature or in a physiological solution to provide the information on the long-term mechanical stability of Zn alloys in a simulated human body environment.


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Jian Feng Nie

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Dr. Allan Morton

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Materials Science and Engineering


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