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Mediating the science-policy nexus: Connecting scientific knowledge with urban water policy and practice

posted on 2020-05-18, 22:45 authored by GEMMA OLIVIA DUNN
The science-policy interface has a critical role to play in supporting cities develop more sustainable and resilient urban water policies and practices. This PhD thesis aimed to increase our understanding of the factors that enable effective interactions between the science and policy communities. Three international leaders in urban water and sustainability were examined – Melbourne (Australia), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Vancouver (Canada) – in order to understand how they initiated and sustained a trajectory of change. A suite of features was identified that facilitate effective mediation between the science-policy interface, and the interaction and interplay between these features appears to be particularly significant.


Principal supervisor

Rebekah Brown

Additional supervisor 1

Annette Bos

Additional supervisor 2

Karen Bakker

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School of Social Sciences (Monash Australia)


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Arts