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MediTouch: a design to enhance medical information exchange between doctor and patient

posted on 2017-02-14, 03:20 authored by Cheng, Kai
MediTouch proposes a patient information based Augmented Reality three-dimensional visualization technology featured App (application for mobile device) design. MediTouch's design attempts to improve doctor and patient communication and in particular the exchange of medical information during clinical consultations. This design research is an interdisciplinary project, which is associated with the areas of information technology, human computer interaction, medicine, bioscience and psychology. In this exegesis, benefits and key factors of effective doctor and patient communication are explained. Existing patient education and healthcare practice are observed and discussed. Challenging factors, which have profound influence on the effectiveness of medical information exchange between doctor and patient are addressed. After presenting the design ideas, the overall design process is described from research, through to conceptualisation to implementation. Decision-making mechanisms and considerations at different design stages are described. Essential principles of visual design, user experience design and interaction design are considered throughout the MediTouch design proposal. An informal usability survey was conducted at the Maidstone Community Centre, Maribyrnong Community Centre and at the Northern Hospital in West and North Melbourne. Besides positive responses, the author also received valuable suggestions such as adding options for controlling visualisation details to cater for individual patient's viewing preference.


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