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Mechanical and microstructural properties of different FRP composites under various environmental conditions

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posted on 28.09.2020, 11:56 by Milad Bazli
In this PhD thesis the mechanical and microstructural properties of various FRPs when exposed to different harsh environments and used with concrete (i.e. seawater and sea sand concrete (SWSSC)) are investigated. To study the mechanical properties of several types of FRP under environmental conditions, different mechanical tests, including three-point bending, charpy impact, compression, tensile, split-disk, and push-out, were carried out. Moreover, to investigate the microstructural properties and degradation mechanisms, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and micro computed tomography (micro- CT) analyses were conducted. Regression models (linear Bayesian regression) and long-term performance models (using Arrhenius law) were constructed to predict short-term and long-term mechanical properties of different FRPs under different conditions. Finally, reduction factors for different environments were proposed based on the experimental results and long-term performance models.


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Xiao Ling Zhao

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R.K. Raman Singh

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Yu Bai

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Civil Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy

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