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Measuring Efficiency in Vocal Architecture: A Perceptual Rating Instrument for Ecological Voice Evaluation and the Impact on Student Feedback

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posted on 31.05.2021, 07:31 by Gerald MarkoGerald Marko, Justen O'ConnorJusten O'Connor, Shane Phillipson

This cross-disciplinary research project seeks to establish the development of an Ecological Voice Evaluation and Self-Test, and investigate its efficacy as a diagnostic and formative assessment tool in tertiary contexts. The proposed PhD with publication consists of three studies and is guided by an analytical educational framework, rooted in ecological dynamics. The studies aim to develop a perceptual rating instrument, before evaluating the perceived impact of evidence based vocal assessment and feedback on student learning. The final assessment instrument will provide an ecological voice profile, supporting expert skill acquisition through specific goal setting (Ericsson, 2008).

This document forms the successful confirmation proposal, or first milestone, for the above research study.