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Matters of co-facilitation: A methodological inquiry into the role of co-design materials.

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posted on 2022-02-14, 00:04 authored by ALLISON ANTONIA-MARIE EDWARDS
This practice-based research introduces new materialist theories of agency to re-frame the role of co-design materials. While many accounts of workshops instrumentalise the materials and frame them as cognitive or facilitation tools, I elaborate upon this by positioning materials as active and agential ‘things’. I then describe three dimensions through which to consider this material agency, as tools, toys, and technologies. This research contributes to design theory and improves our understanding of how new materialist theories can inform a more relational design practice, and offers a framework for practitioners that catalyses the potential of these material co-facilitators.


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Gene Bawden

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Shanti Sumartojo

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Naomi Stead

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Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture