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Mathematics for electron microscopy: fundamental methods toward automatic real-time image processing and 3D model analysis

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posted on 2022-08-25, 00:47 authored by Chiara MachelloChiara Machello

The Elmlund lab develops SIMPLE: an image-processing package for analysing single-particle images. Firstly, this thesis discusses the implementation of techniques that facilitate real-time data processing in the SIMPLE workflow. Moreover, the Elmlund lab collaborates with the Park lab in the Seoul National University on studying metallic nanoparticles. This collaboration has resulted in the generation of the first atomic-resolution 3D structures of platinum (Pt) nanoparticles. The core topic of the thesis is the development of techniques to examine 3D nanoparticle atomic models. The thesis also investigates the relationship between structural features and catalytic activity of Pt nanoparticles.


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Hans Olof Elmlund

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Cyril Reboul

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences