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Mapping the Effectiveness of Automated Test Suite Generation Techniques

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posted on 2019-10-09, 04:24 authored by CARLOS EDUARDO DE JESUS GUIMARAES OLIVEIRA
In this thesis, we seek an answer to the question “What features of a software system impact the effectiveness of Automated Test Suite Generation (ATSG) techniques?” Once these features are identified, can they be used to select the most effective ATSG technique (ATSGT) for a particular software system? To this end, we have implemented the META tool (Mapping the Effectiveness of Test Automation), a new framework that identifies important software features that can be used to select suitable ATSG techniques to apply to new software systems. META is an alternative to the current methodology used to assess ATSGT performance.


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Aldeida Aleti

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Yuan-Fang Li

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Kate Smith-Miles

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Caulfield School of IT


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Information Technology