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Lower Body Gait Kinematics Estimation Using Foot Kinetics

posted on 2020-03-13, 07:34 authored by SAAVEETHYA SIVAKUMAR
This research proposes a Wavelet Neural Network based lower body joint angle estimation protocol using foot kinetics. The project reduces reliance on multiple body-mounted sensors and sets a future trend for gait monitoring. This is achieved through feature extraction of Ground Reaction Forces of primary gait events. Users will be able to acquire a full lower body kinematics profile by only using foot kinetics of preliminary gait events. The estimation model is a fast and easy tool, that is beneficial for clinicians to monitor gait in outdoor environments on daily basis to identify and monitor gait disorders.


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Alpha Agape Gopalai

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Darwin Gouwanda

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King Hann Lim

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


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Faculty of Engineering