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Light-matter interactions in low-dimensional perovskite nanocrystals and the applications

posted on 2018-12-18, 03:57 authored by ZIYU WANG
Reducing the dimensionality of 3D structured metal halide perovskite materials into low-dimensional perovskite nanocrystals enables multiple functionalities of lasing, photon transport, and light detection. The extraordinary optoelectronic properties make the low-dimensional perovskite nanocrystals as excellent choices for efficient functional building blocks in integrated photonic circuits. Based on the deep understanding of light-matter interaction, this Ph.D. project explores the huge potential of the low-dimensional perovskite nanocrystals in various optoelectronic and photonic fields including photodetector, waveguide and lens.


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Qiaoliang Bao

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Dr. Xiaojuan Hao

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Materials Science and Engineering


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