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Learning Partner Recommender System (LPRS): Promoting Informal Online Learning Communities in Higher Education

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posted on 2020-06-15, 22:59 authored by THANH TAM NGUYEN
Despite the acknowledged importance of learning communities to students’ learning experiences, cultivating communities in online environments is difficult. This research investigates the promotion of students’ informal online learning communities (OLCs) through suggesting compatible study partners, taking into account students’ characteristics and preferences. Using a Design Science Research approach, a learning partner recommender system was created and evaluated by students, academics, and educational designers. Results highlighted the potential of learning partner recommender systems for facilitating the formation of OLCs amongst students, along with additional secondary benefits. The research also provided important insights into barriers to student adoption of voluntary educational technologies.


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Matthew Wayne Butler

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Judithe Sheard

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Kimbal Marriott

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Michael Morgan

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Caulfield School of IT


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Faculty of Information Technology