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Lattice Boltzmann Method for Investigation of Thermal Induced Phase Change of Crude Oil Wax

posted on 01.10.2017, 23:03 by YIP YAO HONG
Offshore drilling platforms strive to keep crude oil warm to avoid undesirable wax formation under cold subsea temperatures. This research involves mesoscopic physics (lattice Boltzmann method - LBM) and its application in thermal management as mitigation technique against paraffin wax formation in stored crude oil, a solution which may save billions of dollars yearly to the petroleum industry. Major highlights in this thesis includes development of an in-house double-population LBM algorithm coupled with MRT and VCA techniques, thermal energy storage fins prolong wax formation by 94%, and melting of wax is enhanced by 13% using solely convective flow dynamics reconstruction.


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Foo Ji Jinn

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Soh Ai Kah

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School of Engineering (Monash University Malaysia)


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Engineering