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L-asparaginase Produced from Endophytes: Production, Optimization and Anticancer Activities

posted on 11.10.2021, 01:02 by Ling Sze Yap
L-asparaginase is an anticancer drug used to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The commercial available L-asparaginase derived from bacteria has reported to induce several life-threatening side effects and irreversible complications. This thesis examines the utilization of endophytic fungi isolated from medicinal plants as an alternative source of L-asparaginase. It demonstrates the ability of endophytic fungi to produce L-asparaginase, factors affecting L-asparaginase production, purification process and anticancer effect of fungal-derived L-asparaginase.


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Adeline Ting

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Wai Leng Lee

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School of Sciences (Monash University Malaysia)


Doctor of Philosophy

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Faculty of Science