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Knowledge Sharing Mechanisms in University–Organisational Collaborative Projects

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posted on 2021-05-28, 03:50 authored by Mozhdeh Dehghani
Universities knowledge shared with different stakeholders such as industry and non-government organisations (NGOs). These entities use knowledge for different outcomes: universities in part as a source of funding, industrial organisations as a tool for economic development and NGOs as a tool to effect change. My research focused on how knowledge is shared between universities and industry/NGOs and how academics and industry/NGO representatives create shared collaborative spaces (SCSs) for communication and knowledge sharing. My research revealed six knowledge sharing mechanisms in various SCSs, all of which led to knowledge sharing and creation. The mechanisms were exchange, articulation, modification, accumulation, feedback and transfer.


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Steven John Wright

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Tom Denison

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Larry Stillman

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Information Technology (Monash University Caulfield)


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Faculty of Information Technology