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It’s a Wrap! Visualisations that Wrap Around Cylindrical, Toroidal, or Spherical Topologies

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posted on 2022-08-30, 01:30 authored by KUN-TING CHEN
Traditional visualisations are designed to be shown on a flat surface (screen or page) but most data is not “flat”. Examples include geographic maps, cyclical time series, and networks. This thesis explores a novel class of interactive wrapped data visualisations that continuously wrap around on a 2D projection of surfaces of 3D cylinder, torus, or sphere. For the first time we demonstrate that these interactive visualisations provide benefits for perception over traditional non-wrapped visualisations for geographic comprehension, trend identification, network cluster identification and pairwise value comparisons. We demonstrate that interactive wrapped visualisations are widely applicable to many different data types.


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Tim Dwyer

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Kim Marriott

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Benjamin Bach

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Human Centred Computing


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