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Iron isotope geochemistry and crystal chemistry of jarosite in acidic, sulfate–rich environments

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posted on 19.01.2021, 00:27 by ANNE JANE WHITWORTH
Jarosite is a common mineral in acidic, sulfate-rich environments where it can regulate acidity and capture toxic metals. This research examined jarosite-bearing outcrops in Victoria, Australia, to better understand jarosite formation and behaviour which is critical for its management. Geochemistry and crystal structure analysis showed that jarosite formation in acid-sulfate environments involves an interplay of chemical processes that, together with jarosite recrystallisation and environmental interactions, results in jarosite having chemical and structural complexity. Thorough characterisation of jarosite in acid-sulfate environments is therefore crucial to manage them in these environments successfully.


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Andrew Frierdich

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Helen Brand

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Siobhan Wilson

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Earth, Atmosphere and Environment


Doctor of Philosophy

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